A Mildly Inappropriate List of Facts About Rachel

1.) I am heavily dependent on Imodium. I take 2 each morning.

2.) Favorite smell? Cheese. Oddly enough, I can’t eat it. I think that’s why I like the smell of it.

3.) I don’t have traditional thoughts about the trajectory of life.

4.) I live in Pittsburgh with my boyfriend, Tom.

5.) I’m obsessed with New York City. It makes me buzz everytime I visit.

6.) I’m a licensed esthetician. Few people know that about me.

7.) I have secret fantasies of learning special effects makeup. I am an amateur at best when I do it.

8.) I always have at least 5 tabs open in my brain at all times.

9.) Life is too short to not pet every dog.

10.) I’ve stopped talking to people with terrible grammar.